Real Estate in India



Real estate has become one of the biggest earning sectors of India. This development is witnessed not only in the major cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi but even in provincial areas around the country.

Foreign investments make up a significant part of this success, with global investors now considering the Indian property market one of the most attractive in the world. The growth of the industry has also made prices soar, much to the delight of those who have properties to sell. Somehow, this is working against the middle-class locals who now experience a little difficulty finding affordable housing.  

For expatriates, this may prove to be less of a problem as most of them have access to higher valued currencies than the one used locally. However, most people can resort to home loans in order to get the best of quality and affordability. Even with great things going for the market, India is still considered in the developing stage and a bubble burst scenario is far off. The outsourcing industry has been growing phenomenally, requiring a huge supply of commercial buildings, urban housing for expatriate workers and infrastructure improvements. All of these contribute to the continuing success that the Indian real estate market is reaping today.