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Renting in India is a no-frills process that involves an 11-month lease agreement between landlord and tenant. A rental deposit is usually required but the amount will depend on the type of housing, rental demand and location. Upfront deposit for housing in the city may be equivalent to about 10 months' rent while in rural areas, the amount could be less. In most cases, a tenancy contract will stipulate rent increases of at least 10% each year.  

The rates will vary from area to area, with Mumbai and New Delhi having the highest. In Mumbai, a 100-square meter apartment can cost up to 2,550 USD per month while in New Delhi, the average is 4,500 USD per month for a 90-square meter property. In Bangalore, prices have also risen due to the influx of expatriates in the city. In the major cities, expats advise fellow expats to get affordable housing because patronizing expensive properties tends to make affordable housing difficult for locals.  

Expats usually come to India with their rentals arranged by their employers, but they can also look for their own place to rent with the help of a rental agency, advertising publications or some people who give out business cards to market their services as freelance and rental consultants. Foreigners are not allowed to buy land in India, so finding a good place to rent will be one of the most important concerns before or upon arriving.



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