Visiting the Doctor in India



When seeking medical help, one is not likely to have a problem as there are many doctors in India.

In fact, the country has become a top Asian medical tourism site due to the stellar performance of its medical professionals, its technologically advanced medical facilities and, of course, the affordability of its health care services.

The only people who may have some difficulty finding a doctor are those who live in rural areas. In the cities, there are many practitioners and one may simply rely on referrals or Internet listings.  

When planning to visit a doctor, one has to first decide whether to go to a private or public clinic or to the nearest hospital in India. Aside from rural areas having few doctors, public hospitals may not offer the same quality of service as private ones. In private health facilities, equipment is more advanced and many medical workers, including doctors, speak English.   

A certain type of alternative medicine called ayurveda is very popular and practiced by General Practitioners under the supervision of the government. Ayurveda relies on natural ingredients for treatment instead of chemically produced drugs. However, neither public nor international health insurance covers ayurveda treatments. 

In the end, while some expats may have a little difficulty trying to adjust to life in a new country, healthcare will not be a major issue as it is generally efficient, accessible and affordable, especially in the bigger cities.