1 August 2016

Caroline Carlicchi - Expat in Chennai, India

Caroline Carlicchi - Expat in Chennai, India

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: France.

Q: In which city are you currently residing?
A: Versailles France and I was in Chennai India

Q: What do you do in your new city?
A: I’m a life coach specialized in expat and repat situations especially for spouses.

Q: How is the quality of life in your new city in comparison to that of your home city?
A: The quality of life is low because of the climate (really too hot, you have to live with AC all day long), the food and healthcare.

Q: How would you rate the healthcare system in which you are currently enrolled?
A: If you can afford a private hospital the staff is professional and the cost of the system is affordable. Otherwise government hospitals are crowdy and dirty.

Q: How does the cost of living compare to that of your home city?
A: Life is really not expensive here, except the electricity bill (due to the intensive use of AC).

Q: Did you use a relocation company to help you with your move?
A: Yes.

Q: How easy or difficult was the relocation process?
A: Very difficult, due to a very low service and quality level of the relocation company.

Q: Did you move here with any family members?
A: Yes.

Q: Did your spouse and children find it difficult to adapt to their new job and schools? 
A: No, my daughter was born there and my husband was working. I learnt coaching, NLP and Transactional Analysis there and started to coach expatriates.

Q: How did the family, including you, do in acclimating to the new culture and surroundings?
A: Very well. People are really friendly and the culture is amazing.

Q: What is your favourite mobile app which you use to aid you in your expat life?
A: No mobile app.

Q: What is one piece of advice you’d like to offer a new expat in your new city?
A: Do not resist the change at the beginning, do not struggle, just follow the flow !

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