Allergies in Indonesia



There are many things to be excited about when moving to Indonesia but for health reasons, seasonal allergies are one downside that must be considered.

In Indonesia, these allergies are mostly caused by pollen and pollution. People generally develop allergies only after they encounter allergens, which mean expats who may be unfamiliar with certain allergic reactions before may only start to deal with them here. This is one of the reasons why international healthcare Indonesia can be very handy, especially for those who are sensitive to elements in the environment.

Asthma and respiratory problems are the usual reactions to the common allergens in the environment. Recent studies show the number of people who acquired allergies after relocating to the country has increased over the past five years but the government is relentless in its efforts to reduce pollution and other possible factors that may have led to this rise.  

Because managing allergies is patient-initiated, it is always best to keep anti-histamines in one's pocket when in Indonesia. It would also be good to wear surgical masks when going out in the streets where smoke from vehicles and dust could cause allergic reactions. Pollen-related allergies are best managed by avoiding exposure to flowers. Individuals who are highly prone to these physiological reactions are also advised to keep their private health insurance Indonesia up to date just in case one needs to seek treatment. 

Sometimes, climate differences alone can be a factor for the development of allergic reactions. Hence, one's best defense can only be knowledge and a healthy lifestyle.