Cost of Living in Indonesia



Expatriates are often surprised at the weight their money holds in Indonesia. Here, everything is reasonably priced, especially for those wanting to experience the culture from the inside, making the country all the more an attractive choice.

While being aware of other things such as the climate and politics in a new home country is important, anyone who has just moved overseas will always find financial matters a prime concern. The combination of a competitive salary and the relatively low cost of living in Indonesia will give you purchasing power that is likely greater than in your home country. However, there is still a significant difference between the prices in rural areas and major cities such as Jakarta, the capital. But overall speaking, the cost of living in Indonesia is around 50% lower than most Western countries particularly the United States. Expatriates in this country can definitely save up and at the same time enjoy a comfortable life by local standards.

Rental Costs

If you choose to live in an apartment in Indonesia, these are serviced, with memberships to affiliate recreational facilities such as sports clubs coming as part of the package - a set up very common in Jakarta. Many expats in Indonesia share a house or apartment with other expats to split the cost. Some employers also provide accommodation as part of an employment package, especially for expatriates who are teaching English. For those responsible for their accommodation, below are the average costs (per month) of rentals in Indonesia:

  • One bedroom apartment (city centre) – Rp 4,200,132.60 or USD 315
  • One bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) – Rp 2,309,520.96 or USD 175
  • Three bedroom apartment (city centre) – Rp 9,806,404.23 or USD 735
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) – Rp 5,087,188.84 or USD 380
  • Four bedroom furnished house in Bali – Rp 100,000,000 or USD 7,500
  • Four bedroom unfurnished house (need minor renovations) located near the British International School – Rp 5,008,875 or USD 375

Utilities are not part of the monthly rent and expats in Indonesia should prepare at least Rp 844,452.61 or USD 65 per month to cover their water, electricity and heating. Internet connection costs around Rp 344,817.89 or USD 25.80 monthly while local prepaid mobile calls are billed at Rp 1,490.50 or USD 0.11 per minute.

Cost of Daily Necessities

Food is cheap in Indonesia as long as expats refrain from purchasing international products. There are lots of local traditional markets scattered across the country which are the best places to shop compared to the large supermarkets. In fact, an income of Rp 16,562,680 or USD 1,240 is sufficient for a family to live comfortably in this country. Other products such as clothing and personal care are also affordable as long as they are not imported or classified as ‘Western trusted brands’. In other words, expats who are ready to embrace the local way of life have high chances of maximising their monthly budgets.

  • One litre of milk – Rp 16,728 or USD 1.25
  • A dozen eggs – Rp 19,145 or USD 1.45
  • One kilogramme of white rice – Rp 12,035 or USD 0.90
  • One kilogramme of boneless chicken breasts – Rp 42,555 or USD 3.20
  • One kilogramme of onion – Rp 25,250 or USD 1.90
  • One kilogramme of tomato – Rp 14,520 or USD 1.10
  • One kilogramme of potato – Rp 16,795 or USD 1.25
  • One kilogramme of banana – Rp 17,565 or USD 1.30
  • One kilogramme of apples – Rp 39,480 or USD 2.95
  • A bottle of mid-range wine – Rp 300,000 or USD 22.45

Cost of Daily Transportation

Transportation takes about 12.10% of one’s monthly income but still, getting around Indonesia won’t cost an arm and a leg. Petrol prices are low and riding the public transport is also affordable even it is on a daily basis. Expats who don’t want to drive can use the train, buses or taxis that have routes connecting major cities and suburban areas. However, public transportation in Indonesia is not for those who want to travel comfortable because most buses and mini-buses are often crowded. Those who are searching for the cheapest way of travelling in Indonesia can opt to ride the ojek (motorbike) or Bajaj.

  • One way or single trip ticket – Rp 4,000.00 or USD 0.30
  • Monthly pass – Rp 150,000 or USD 11.20
  • Taxi flag down rate – Rp 7,000 or USD 0.50
  • Taxi one kilometre rate – Rp 5,000 or USD 0.35
  • Taxi one hour waiting time – Rp 40,000 or USD 3.00
  • One litre of gasoline – Rp 7,640 or USD 0.57


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