Emergency Numbers in Indonesia



A simple record of emergency hotlines in Indonesia can prove to be a lifesaver for all types of emergencies. Hence, expats should never leave home without one. To call the police department, the number is 110. For fire-related emergencies, it's 113. For search and rescue operations, one may dial 115 while for problems in electricity, dial 123. In the event of natural disasters, 129 is the number to call.

All of these numbers could be accessed for free from any landline phone, including phone booths scattered in the streets. In cases when a mobile phone is the only available means to call for help, one can dial 112. However, this service must be requested from the telecommunication company, including phones for international roaming.

In Indonesia, expats will find an extra sense of security as emergency numbers are posted on each corner of each street, particularly on phone booths. Still, it is best to save these numbers in one's mobile phone book so one can readily dial the necessary number.

For expats with their families living with them in Indonesia, it is a good practice to orient everyone, especially the children, about how to call for help during emergencies and what numbers tocall for each type. This is very important especially as expats may not have relatives and close friends in Indonesia to call for help. Thus, everyone in the household should be properly instructed.