Having a Baby in Indonesia



An expectant mother would always want the best for her child wherever destiny leads them. In Indonesia, she may choose to give birth in the hands of an obstetrician, a midwife or a birth attendant.

Although not all that advanced, maternal healthcare and facilities in the country have shown significant development with government efforts to beef up the collaboration among the three types of birth care providers. Today, ultrasound and other advanced scans and prenatal services are available. With a rating of 62% for its emergency obstetric care, Indonesia has come a long way from its initial struggles en route to improving its maternal health conditions. 

The country's most popular first-rate hospital, Pondok Indah Hospital, is located in Jakarta where most expat women choose among the country's best obstetricians and take VIP rooms when it's time for them to deliver. Other times, they may choose to give birth in a world-class hospital in a neighbouring country, although the Pondok Indah Hospital is fully capable of providing an ideal birthing environment for both mother and child. 

There are also international organizations such as SOS Medica that specialize in giving advice to expats with various health care needs. For expat mothers who have many anxieties about the health of their unborn child, any of these groups can help. 

Having a baby in another country is often a great concern for expat mothers, especially if her international health insurance does not cover child birth. But as long as she knows what to look for in a maternal health care provider and facility, birthing a baby in Indonesia will be a positive experience.



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