Health and Protection in Jakarta



Indonesia has recently reformed its public healthcare and insurance sector and is set to be one of the best in the world in years to come, however, the state of it right now is still pretty sub-standard. There have been talks on whether or not Indonesia would be able to put the public insurance scheme together as successfully as they expected, given its current state, which is why it’s very important for expats in Jakarta to know how to get the proper protection and coverage. 

Getting Insurance

Private insurance can be expensive in Jakarta, but it is also the only way to get the best services without paying a crazy amount of money. You might be able to get insurance from your company, however, since it’s not mandatory in the country to provide healthcare or insurance for employees, this is not guaranteed. The best way to handle this situation is to ask your employer to include an international insurance plan with your expat contract and negotiate the inclusion of your family or dependents if necessary. This is best handled before you arrive in the city to make sure you are fully covered at the time of your arrival.

Importance of Insurance

The best services you would need in times of emergencies and peril come at a very high price in Jakarta, and no matter how much emergency savings you may have it cannot cover for emergency medical expenses or damages you may experience while you’re living abroad. Most emergencies require bulk payments and a lot of paperwork hassle, but with an international insurance plan, you can gloss over the hassle and make sure that you save a lot of money, not just with paying off emergency costs, but also by using additional services that insurance companies provide. 

Local Insurance in Jakarta

The insurance industry in the city is thriving because there is a great need for private insurance, since the public insurance can be inefficient. Pan Pacific Insurance and LIG Insurance are the most prominent names in the private insurance sector of Jakarta. 


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