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Indonesia’s insurance industry has recently improved quite well especially in the public sector. The private insurance sector in the country is also quite large, with the biggest names in insurance offering services in the country. The market is governed by brokers and intermediaries, very numerous and handling a small number of clients. The door to door agents market the products to the millions of Indonesians. There are several options to protect the health and lifestyle of your family while you’re living in Indonesia. It’s highly advisable to sign up for insurance coverage before you move to the country to ensure that you and your family are fully covered as soon as you arrive. This can start with a travel medical insurance, group or individual but it will not be enough for the whole duration of your assignment.

Getting Insurance

There are various insurance products, providers, brokers, and agents in Indonesia, and their public health and social security service has recently been reformed and is working better than ever. Getting the right insurance coverage will not be very difficult in this country. As a foreign employee, you and your employer are required to make a monthly contribution to social security and health benefits. Your contribution as an employee will be deducted from your monthly salary. You need to talk to your HR department to fully understand what is included in your package and how this might affect the level of cover that you are used to having for your family.

"We use International Travel Insurance. We were recommended a dentist for our yearly checkup and we all had a fine experience. Not like home at all but was clean and acceptable and not expensive."- Simone Collins, Expat in Bali, Indonesia

Though local public insurance has been improved recently, there are still a few improvements needed for it to be fully efficient, and even then their services can be quite limited, which is why most expats and even local residents still prefer to have private insurance coverage. For expats, the flexibility of international insurance policies is simply unmatched as they can be used no matter where you move and international insurance policies tend to have specialised expat insurance services such as medical evacuation and repatriation.Some of the best insurance companies in the world offer services in Indonesia, such as Allianz, ACE Insurance Group, and AXA.

Importance of Insurance

There are several benefits to having an insurance coverage, but more importantly, you should know that it is necessary for the protection of the most important things in your life. The risk of not having the proper insurance coverage in times of emergencies is huge and most people don’t even realise it. More so, in a country like Indonesia, access to services can be quite difficult. You can gain access to medical and emergency services faster if you have the proper insurance plans.

Local Insurance in Indonesia

The public health and social security service in Indonesia has gone through a major reform in recent years, and it has yielded good results so far.However, there are still some limits to the coverage you can get in the public sector, which is why most local residents and expats in the country still prefer to have private insurance. The biggest names in the local private insurance sector are AsuransiAdiraDinamika and Commonwealth Life.



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