Pet Import Regulations in Indonesia



Pet owners relocating to Indonesia should have no qualms about bringing their pets with them as this is allowed by law provided proper documentation is secured and all required procedures are observed.

The process begins with an Import Permit to be obtained from the Agriculture Department of Indonesia. A copy of the shipper's passport must be presented, along with the pet's health certificate issued by a veterinarian no earlier than five days before the animal's departure. This certificate must indicate that the pet has been vaccinated less than a year before its arrival in the country and must be accompanied by a complete vaccination record bearing the name, age and breed of the pet. Upon arrival, it will be quarantined by authorities for a maximum of fourteen days with a cost charged to the shipper plus taxes and duties. The shipper will also be asked for a guarantee that the animal will not be sold as this is illegal in Indonesia.

Pet Transport 

Prior to shipment, preparing the pet so it is comfortable during the move is the responsibility of its owner. Among the common preparations include not feeding the animal anything heavy at least 24 hours before shipment to prevent extreme discomfort in flight. Moving pets becomes a much simpler process, however, when done with a pet relocation specialist.

Because pets are family, they move when their owners do. And when they want to relocate to Indonesia, this will not be a problem.



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