Vaccinations in Indonesia



Indonesia is one of Asia's rapidly developing countries where the health situation is only getting better. Yet even as there are no required vaccinations for entry into the country, expats will do well to heed recommendations by the Ministry of Health.

Some of these recommended vaccinations are for diphtheria, hepatitis A, rabies, tetanus, typhoid fever and malaria which may also be prevented with tablets. In general, these suggested vaccine shots change from time to time depending on the particular area where an expat is headed and also on weather conditions. There are specific areas in Indonesia where an expats are highly recommended for vaccinations against Japanese B encephalitis, tuberculosis and hepatitis B. For all cases, expats are advised to see a physician at least 4-8 weeks before travel.

It is best to avoid the inconvenience of incurring unexpected costs for sickness that could have been prevented by simply following recommended preventive measures. It is also essential to make sure one's body is fit enough for travel to Indonesia, especially in view of climate differences which are a very common cause for increasing one's vulnerability to illness. Aside from taking vaccinations, simply living a healthy lifestyle will help in making one's stay in Indonesia comfortable, pleasurable and safe.