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With one of the planet's densest and largest populations, good accommodation in Indonesia can be difficult to find in some areas due to cost. Choices for living in Indonesia are often apartment buildings, but other arrangements can consist of duplexes, separate houses, guest houses, farm houses or dorms. Apartments are typically unfurnished. Rental prices differ from one island to another, and are cheaper in rural regions. Maintenance costs covering guards will be additional to the monthly rent payment.


There are two sorts of contracts, one for six months and another for twelve months. The distinction is that the six month contract is not subject to rent pricing. With the twelve month contract, on the other hand, it is very hard to eject tenants and legal battles have been rumored to last as long as fifteen years. Some landlords in Indonesia do rent under the table with no leases to avoid paying more taxes.


Farm houses and separate houses are fancy properties in fenced patterns that are normally affordable to expats. Guest houses are like long term hostels, but sometimes with better long term rent options. Dorms are intended for people who are attending college in Indonesia. Another inexpensive choice is sharing an apartment with other renters. Modern bathrooms are now being imported to Indonesia, but earlier ones are just holes in the floor.

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