QROPS in Indonesia

QROPS in Indonesia is now possible for UK expats who have decided to move here permanently. There are currently 14,000 British nationals in this country, a large percentage of whom is composed of retirees who are currently enjoying the perks of a QROPS transfer.

Windsor Pensions has helped 2,000+ UK expats in Indonesia and in other expat destinations. It represents several Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) managed across the EU. QROPS simply allows expats to bring their UK-registered personal and occupational pensions with them. Windsor carefully assesses each expat’s profile and needs before recommending smart QROPS solutions.

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The Horizon International Pension Plan is a pension plan built for non-Guernsey resident members of the Horizon Plan, such as those who are expatriates of Indonesia. The policy is an entry level retirement annuity trust and a budget-friendly option for people who would like to begin preparing for retirement through financial empowerment.

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Gerrards International is a company driven by independent financial advisers providing unbiased QROPS advice to expats in Indonesia and the world over. Being an independent company, Gerrards maintains strong business relations with over 200 international financial institutions, including fund houses, banks, and insurance companies.

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