Tax Advisory in Indonesia

Expat tax in Indonesia offers credit for foreign taxes on expats’ foreign-sourced income, but there will be no tax concessions for foreigners in this country. To avoid confusion and the possibility of penalties arising from misinformation, an expat may well hire an Indonesian tax expert.

There is a common misconception among expats that they need to pay taxes in two countries once they have moved, but this is not always the rule. Tax treaties exist among countries for the main purpose of avoiding double taxation. In the industry for nearly four decades today, UK-based tax specialist Andrew Baker provides professional assistance in setting tax matters straight for expats in Indonesia.

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Taxation is one part of expatriate life that is often a source of confusion, if not conflict. Thus, expats in Indonesia are encouraged to know their current tax situation as early as possible. This helps in the prevention of further complications with tax officials, including the imposition of penalties. Book a consultation for free today!

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