Cigna Business Health Insurance

Cigna Business Health Insurance

Cigna designed a range of products to fit the size of your business including employer-sponsored coverage. Keep your employees healthy with tailored solutions for all types of business sizes.


Get the Cigna Advantage:


  • Get customized health benefits for different types of unique organizations
  • Lower your company’s health costs by promoting health and productivity with your employees
  • Get up to date customer engagement tools such as myCigna mobile app for health coaches and personalized wellness programs


Choose your plans for International Business Health Insurance:


Health Plans for Smaller Businesses:


  • Funding Options – Cigna offers flexibility with financing health plans for small business employers
  • Health Improvement – Get customized wellness programs that tend to your company’s specific needs
  • Health Plans – Get different coverage designed for small businesses
  • Service – Cigna takes care of your health benefits, so you can spend more time taking care of your business
  • Private Exchange Solutions – Cigna allows a private exchange between employers and employees, and a wide selection of products and services


Health Plans for Medium Businesses:


  • Network that Fits Your Needs – Cigna allows you to connect with their large national network of healthcare professionals, and even limited, cost-effective networks that suit the needs of your company
  • Customized Funding Option – Get more than just ways to finance your health plans, it’s an investment in employee health and a way to lower health costs
  • Saving Opportunities – Cigna offers tailored health programs that provide services and resources to help lower your health costs and improve productivity
  • Healthier Employees for a Healthier Bottom Line – Help your employees attain better health with a 24/7 customer service that provides personalized online tools for health and well-being programs.


Health Plans for Larger Businesses:


  • Lowering Health Care Costs – Lower your overall health costs with Cigna’s programs to achieve better health for your employees
  • Improving Health & Productivity – Cigna can help reduce absences and promote a culture of health in your workplace
  • Easy-to-use Plans – Cigna offers various means of access to programs, health plans, and benefits
  • Flexibility & Choice – Cigna improves health by customizing services. Experts design tailored solutions for a stand-alone or bundled plans to fit your needs
  • Take Advantage of Global Solutions – Get globally compliant, but locally-delivered solutions that serve clients and customers in more than 190 countries worldwide.

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