For more than a decade, IMG has provided medical insurance to individuals, families who are living or traveling abroad.

International claims administrators with a wealth of experience in processing claims from throughout the world; multilingual customer service representatives to assist our members; and an on-site medical staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for medical emergencies.

The GlobalSelect International Healthcare Plan is insured and fully underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation (publ) who are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom.

Key features:

-  available to corporate groups with a minimum of just 2 employees
-  members can be any nationality
-  in most cases, Home Country Cover can be included, which means a group can include expatriates and local nationals all in the same plan (local regulations allowing)
-  for small groups, 2-24 employees, which have no current cover, rates per member are at a roughly 25-30% discount compared to equivalent prices for individual GlobalSelect applicants
-  transfer terms available to groups with prior group certificates
-  groups with a minimum of 10 employees can enjoy mixed benefit levels or Areas of Cover

'GlobalSelect Group' offers a choice of three geographical Areas: 1) Europe; 2) Worldwide excluding US & Canada; 3) Worldwide. The cover quoted is fully portable within each Area (i.e it goes where you go) and customers are free to use any medical facility. Premiums can be paid in GB£, US$ and EU€.

There is a choice of four levels of benefits:

1. HeadStart, the cheapest, HeadStart’ is an excellent value ‘budget’ or ‘major medical’ plan. It covers in-patient and day-patient costs to an annual maximum of US$1.8 million per member. It also includes full cover for time-critical out-patient treatments such as surgery, MRI/CT scans and all out-patient cancer treatment. Surprisingly, it even includes cover (to $720 per condition) for out-patient visits to specialists and consultants (no doctor’s referral needed).

2. The next level, Basic, introduces some additional out-patient benefits such as family doctor’s visits, prescribed drugs and physiotherapy (to cash limits). Cover for pregnancy complications is included (after a wait period), along with Emergency Out of Area benefits and organ transplants.

3. The ‘Standard’ level provides a very wide range of coverage, adding new benefits and offering higher cash values than the lower plans. New benefits include an annual routine wellness check (after a wait period), complementary medicine, newly diagnosed AIDS/HIV, HRT and more.

4. The top level ‘Executive’ plan is a comprehensive healthcare plan with a very high annual value of US$9 million. It includes routine dental and routine maternity benefits (after wait periods). Out-patient costs for doctors, specialists, tests, drugs, and consultants are covered in full.

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