Foyer Global Health

Foyer Global Health

Foyer Global Health

The Foyer Global Health insurance plans are custom-designed to guarantee the very best medical care and the reimbursement of incurred medical expenses to all insured persons in accordance with their specific medical needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services with regard to outpatient and inpatient medical care, dental care and medical assistance services for each level of cover without hidden cover exclusions. You can enjoy immediate cover after receipt of your proposal (even if you are already abroad) and it is possible to include pre-existing conditions and ongoing treatments.


About Foyer

Foyer Global Health is the expatriate specialist brand by Luxembourg’s leading insurance company Foyer Group. Our health plans are the result of decades of experience with customers from all over the world


  • The Foyer Global Health product range consists of a 3 different health plans: Essential – Special – Exclusive 

  • The three options differ in nature and extent of the services included.
  • A range of deductibles for outpatient treatment is available for all three plans.
  • You decide which level of cover, with or without deductibles, suits your needs and requirements best.

  • Documents in German, English and French
  • Pre-existing conditions can be included after risk assessment
  • “Moratorium clause” without previous health check
  • Each plan provides high-quality cover
  • Optional deductibles reduce your premium
  • Unlimited duration of cover
  • Premium payment via direct debit, bank transfer or credit card
  • Online services to facilitate communication with the insurer
  • Internet-based services for claims management are a guarantee of transparency
  • High-quality customer support service by highly specialised and qualified staff
  • Round-the-clock service, 365 days a year

Medical Assistance and Services

In cooperation with our partners Foyer Group offers you:

  • More than 50 years of experience in international medical assistance
  • Support to more than 300 million clients in 208 countries
  • More than 8000 employees worldwide
  • A strong market position to serve our clients’ interests at best
  • Quick and quality-assured help everywhere in the world
  • Organisation and coordination of emergency ambulance (ground / air)
  • Routing to the most appropriate place for treatment (ground / air)
  • A wealth of experience and know-how thanks to the procession of more than 60 million client calls per year
  • Active support in more than 12 million cases per year
  • Close-knit worldwide network of medical providers (doctors and hospitals)
  • 400 medical specialists in 30 service teams worldwide


The EXCLUSIVE plan was designed for customers looking for very comprehensive insurance cover, who set great store by receiving assistance with the organisation of their medical care. This plan is the best choice for customers who are used to selecting products which meet their high expectations.


The ESSENTIAL plan was designed for customers looking for full basic insurance cover, who require assistance for organising major cost items only, such as inpatient and outpatient treatment. The Essential plan is the right choice for you, if your focus lies on securing medically necessary treatment and ancillary services such as home nursing and domestic help are of less importance to you.


The SPECIAL plan offers a cover and service level in between of those offered by the EXCLUSIVE and the ESSENTIAL plans. It provides extra benefits such as corrective lenses and preventive medical check-ups as well as other medical and nonmedical services in addition to covering the major cost items. For customers and in particular families, who are looking for an increased service level, the SPECIAL plan is the right choice.