Multi Trip Travel Insurance

if you're the type of person who just can't stay in one place, multi trip holiday insurance is perfect for you. This policy will protect you just as any regular travel insurance would, with medical, loss of baggage, flight and personal liability coverage. But when you take out a multi trip policy, you pay for all your trips (usually within a single year) at once. That means significant savings for your budget. Learn how else multi trip holiday insurance can help you as a traveler, both in terms of benefits and cost. Connect with our experts today.Travel multi trip insurance is a particular type of insurance option that may cover you throughout the course of a number of trips without you needing to buy individual insurance for them individually. Combining travel multi trip cover will save you a fair amount of money compared to getting each on its own, so get in contact with our insurance specialist partners right here to request a no obligation quote on your most suitable plan.


Patriot Executive is designed for the executive taking multiple trips throughout the year outside his or her home country. Coverage for up to 30 days in length for each trip. Convenience of buying a single annual planï at an affordable price

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Atlas Professional is the appropriate choice for corporate executives and other professionals who require travel medical insurance coverage for numerous trips during the year.

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