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Ireland is a country that has an abundant supply of top quality Universities. One of the oldest and most famous universities in Ireland is the Trinity College in Dublin, which was founded in the year 1592. The second University in Ireland was St Patricks College Maynooth, which was founded in the year 1795 by the Roman Catholic Church. The third and fourth, which were both founded in the year 1845, were University College Dublin, and University College Galway. In the year 1854 they were joined by a fifth university, Cork University. Limerick University was founded in 1972 as a modern University specializing in hi-tech research, and Dublin City University was founded in 1980 in the Irish capital city of Dublin.


Aside from all these Universities, there are a good number of Institutes of Technology in Ireland, such as the Dublin Institute of Technology, which has 22 thousand students, more than any other post secondary educational facility in Ireland. There are also specialized colleges of education, which train teachers and instructors, and of home economics, which train teachers of home economics. There is also found in Ireland a Royal College of Surgeons, and a National College of Art and Design.

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