Culture Shock in Ireland



The Irish culture is a plethora of celebrations and dozens of different, colorful customs and traditions.

Although the country's daily living is somewhat similar to the rest of Europe, Ireland's eccentric customs make it very interesting. Culture shock may be inevitable in some instances.

One notable trait of Irish culture is its many festivals. Christmas in Ireland is not spared from the Irish unique streak. Every 26th of December, St. Stephen's Day, there is a custom in Ireland wherein a group of people dressed in straws suits, masks, and other colorful clothes would imitate the act of hunting a fake ‘wren' (a bird in Ireland) and end it by putting the hunted bird on top of a decorated pole.

Weddings are equally beautiful in Ireland, but it would have the groom wearing the skirt as part of tradition, in this case, it's called a kilt. Although modern times have both parties footing the expenses, there was an Irish tradition where the bride's father has this burden of paying for all wedding particulars.

Moving to Ireland also means adjusting to the country's culture, and this includes adjusting to its people. Expatriates in Ireland share that the Irish people are generally warm and friendly, but they also tend to be wary of outsiders.

It would take some time for them to ‘warm up', but once you spark that connection, it's a relationship surely for keeps. The Irish also love to spend ‘quality time' over drinks (like the famous Irish Guinness), so make sure not to turn down an offer to go out.

A short read on Irish culture would go a long way for any expatriate who wishes to easily adapt to his new home.



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