Emergency Numbers in Ireland



Expats and even travellers would agree that having a list of emergency numbers handy is a definite must-do.

Ireland, just like any other expat destination, does not hold you invincible to emergency situations.

Although Ireland is generally a safe country, expats and women are more vulnerable to street crimes. In case you should feel that there is a threat to your security or safety, you may call the Irish police force by dialling 112 or 999 and ask to be connected to the Gardai (Republic of Ireland) or the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Island).

For medical emergencies, you may call the same number (112 or 999) and ask the operator to connect you to ambulance services. The Health Service Executive (HSE) of each town has the jurisdiction in the provision of such services to transport seriously ill people to the nearest hospital.

However, should you find that you can still bring yourself to the hospital or have someone with you, get to the nearest A&E (Accident and Emergency) department in the nearest hospital.

In case of fire, you may still dial 112 or 999 and request to be put through to the Fire and Rescue services.

Tourists may also need assistance at one point or another, though they may not necessarily be emergencies. In these situations, one may call the Irish Tourist Assistance Service at 01 478 5295.

All calls are free of charge. Be aware that only EU citizens who are on short-term visitors to Ireland (those who are not classified as an Irish ordinary resident) are entitled to free urgent medical treatment. UK nationals on the other hand, must present their form E111.



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