Kids in Ireland



With its rolling green hills and the limestone formations of its country sides, Ireland offers a lot for children, the sight of which would be a delight to kids who love the outdoors.

Dublin, the country's capital city, promises days filled with activities. Families would definitely enjoy a day at the city's National Aquatic Center, a huge indoor water park. It has water slides, surfing machines, a wave pool, and every water activity a child is sure to be thrilled about.

Viking Splash Tours, on the other hand, gives the kids an exciting ride on an amphibious vehicle on a journey through Dublin, ending up at the Grand Canal Harbor.

Aside from these adventures, Dublin also offers families a chance to relax in its picturesque parks. St. Stephens Green is a Victorian-style park that's best for sunny afternoons with a picnic basket in hand.

Kids can also have their dose of history at the National Museum of Ireland Archeology & History or the National Museum of Natural History.

But of course, concerned parents do not only think of their children's fun activities, but most importantly the education they are supposed to get. International schools in Ireland are a common destination for expatriates' children as they offer the kids a chance to thrive in an environment of different cultures.

Irish education is also at its best in the many independent schools in Ireland. The government has invested in research studies in schools as a key to developing the country as a ‘knowledge society'.



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