Pet Import Regulations in Ireland



For those who plan to expatriate to Ireland and are inseparable from their furry friends, you must know the basic rules and regulations of pet relocation to the country.

Relocating pets to Ireland, like the process of getting a visa, involves some paperwork. Ireland strictly implements its rules in bringing in pets to the country. If you would be coming from a country other than the UK, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, you would be required to have an import license. 

In order to obtain one, the pet must be placed in approved quarantine in Ireland for at least six months, or it can be placed in approved quarantine for a month and then in approved private arrangements for the remaining five months.

At present, the only approved quarantine is the Lissenhall Quarantine Kennels and Catteries in Dublin.

In addition to this, your pet must also have a Veterinary Certificate, or pet passport, issued by the concerned authority in your home country. The animal must also be vaccinated for rabies and must have received treatment for tick and tapeworm at least 24-48 hours before departure from your home country.

Another important requirement set by the Irish government is that your animal must be provided microchip identification, and this should have been made in place before the pet was vaccinated for rabies.

Lastly, the pet should be placed in an approved carrier and accompanied by either the owner or a person authorized by the owner for the animal's entry to Ireland.

International pet relocation in Ireland is a common event, but not necessarily an easy one. Pet transport is one part of it, albeit an easy one, with the help of pet relocation services in Ireland that you can easily avail of.



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