Expat Finance Services in Ireland

The currency in the Republic of Ireland since 2002 has been the Euro. In 2002 the euro replaced the Irish pound which had been the official currency of Ireland since 1938, with past currencies in Ireland also being known as the pound ever since the year 997.


Ireland is one of the twelve original European Union nations to adopt the euro, represented by the twelve stars on the design of the euro coins and notes. Coins are issued for one and two euros, notes for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros. The largest banks in Ireland are the Bank of Ireland and the Allied Irish Bank, but there are also several others. All banks in Ireland make good use of current information technology, offering their own 24 hour telephone banking and online banking websites.


Anyone 18 or over may open an account at an Irish bank with two forms of ID, regardless of whether or not they live in Ireland. This can also be done through a foreign branch of an Irish bank. Foreigners in Ireland can use their own foreign accounts through debit cards and ATM machines, but it will still be necessary for them to have an Irish bank account for purposes of paying utility bills or taxes. These payments can be conveniently set up as direct debits from the Irish bank account.

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