Health Tips in Israel



Last updated February 2024

Maintaining good health is a fundamental asset that individuals cannot afford to compromise, particularly in a foreign environment where everything and everyone may be unfamiliar. Expatriates in Israel will discover their fair share of aspects to familiarize themselves with in their new home.

The obesity rate in Israel is high, with 70 % of the older women in Israel being more obese compared to women in America. Hypertension is one of this country's health problems as well. Lyme disease is also a health problem in this country and is common during the month of November. Insect repellents should be kept in handy if one wishes to travel during this month. Sunburns can be an issue, especially for westerners. Sunblock with SPF 15 or higher is suggested for maximum protection during exposure to the sun. Dehydration can be a problem so drinking plenty of liquids will be important.     

Two thirds of mortality in Israel is cause by heart problem and cancer. Rabies also presents risk for those who are working with animals. One must get vaccinated against this disease before flying to Israel.     

In rural areas, eating contaminated food or water can cause diarrhea so it is best to be sure about food preparations, whether cooking at home or at a restaurant. Most expats will drink bottled water to avoid digestive problems that could result from drinking directly from the tap. In the face of any risks, a first aid kit will go a long way in providing immediate relief.