Visiting the Doctor in Israel



Last updated February 2024

Applying for a visa in Israel is not a very complicated process, although it could take 2 to 3 months before a foreigner can get a visa. Those who come from countries with which Israel has bilateral agreements may even stay below 90 days without one. If a foreigner wishes to work in this country, a working visa is needed and will take a longer period to obtain, with a lot of paperwork to be processed before granted a permit. Expats who are interested in applying for a visa will need to be aware that various governments have issued travel warnings and advice, noting that non-essential travel to Israel is best avoided as the country is presently going through a period of unrest that has led to violent conflict.     

If the purpose of the travel is for business, a letter from a business partner or a business sponsor in Israel should be presented to the embassy or at the consulate. Non-Jews cannot have a residence visa in Israel. If a foreigner would want to have a temporary visa in Israel, an application should be directly submitted to the Ministry of the Interior in Israel. This branch of the Israeli government will have the right to grant a temporary residence visa to a foreigner who plants to work in the country for at least a year.    

There are only two cases when a permanent resident visa may be granted to foreigners - first, when the applicant is a Jew and, second, when the applicant is the spouse or parent of an Israeli immigrant or citizen. Other than these two cases, no one will be granted a resident permit no matter how long a person has stayed in Israel. Expats are advised to note the safety conditions that Israel has, and to be cautious when getting around the city due to the risks of rockets and attacks that are present.