Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Israel

Multi-trip insurance product is designed as a competitive package for all expats up to the age of 75, without any loading of the premium for age. The age limit is 75 years; if you are 75 when you affect the insurance, cover will no longer apply once reach your 76th birthday. Individual trips of up to 31 days are covered as standard, with options to extend to 60 or 90 days. Expats can have some peace of mind with multi-trip travel insurance, as the country’s delicate political situation can result in unexpected casualties during any moment of an expat’s stay.


International Medical Group has served as a pillar of protection for expats in Israel and worldwide when it comes to their medical needs overseas. IMG has stayed true to its promise of providing high-value products and services to the global community, regardless of whether they are residents or merely vacationers.

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When people travel abroad, the possibilities are endless - exactly what insurance is for. In Israel, MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional offers first-rate multi-trip coverage for those who travel regularly, affording them protection and lowering their costs thru one policy that secures multiple trips over a year. Whether a trip is planned or unplanned, protection is automatically delivered via modern travel and medical emergency services with Atlas Professional.

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