School Aims- International School of Treviso



For the benefit of our students, the following aims are pursued by the school:


In order to create a community based on positive attitudes and values all members of the school will strive to:
- Respect ourselves, others and the environment
- Show tolerance and empathy
- Appreciate beauty and seek truth
- Work with enthusiasm, commitment, curiosity and creativity
- Balance self confidence with the ability to co-operate with others
- Understand their responsibilities as well as their rights


Social, communication, research, thinking, physical and self-management skills, all necessary for success in school and throughout life, are developed in meaningful ways. Opportunities are planned that will enable children to practise and extend these skills and solve problems through purposeful activities.


We enable children to construct knowledge through exploring a set of themes that represent shared human experiences. We expect them to be able to seek, use, question or articulate that knowledge. We provide a stimulating environment and an inquiry-based curriculum that will enable each child, whether they are auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners, to develop understanding by making connections between prior and new perceptions.


We strive to develop a deep understanding of important concepts. These concepts are used to support and structure inquiries, provide a contest in which students can understand and help the student to construct meaning through improved critical thinking. We encourage the students to ask pertinent questions and to seek the answers themselves.


We encourage the students to reflect upon their learning and to take thoughtful and appropriate action as a result of that learning. Their independent actions should show respect for themselves, others and the environment.



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