Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Italy

Italy has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, with only 4 deaths listed per every 1000 residents within the last year. While this shows a strong health insurance industry, it is still important to secure your health with travel insurance multi trip in Italy, because it doesn’t matter how good the system is if you aren’t able to access it.


To make sure they are medically covered wherever in the world they may be, expats in Italy should invest in a good multi-trip travel insurance policy. A widely trusted company specializing in insurance built for frequent overseas use is International Medical Group. Millions of clients in over 170 countries are counting on IMG today.

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Global insurance is simply indispensable for overseas travelers. Unpredictable events can happen where insurance purchased locally will simply be insufficient, if not completely without use. In Italy, Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters offers the right kind of protection, with multi-trip coverage costing even lower because of one plan providing security for all trips made within a year. Under Atlas Professional, the maximum limit is $1 million for each individual.

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