Essential Employment Paperwork in Ivory Coast



Expats moving to Ivory Coast for employment purposes will find opportunities in the service and agricultural sectors. Like with any other countries, foreign nationals who are bound to Côte d’Ivoire should first obtain the necessary paperwork from the Ministry of Security. 

The work permit for Ivory Coast is one of the most important documents that an expat must possess since it also serves as their residence permit. Work/residence permits for this country are usually valid for one year with an option for renewal. After the first renewal, an expat will be required to apply for a new work permit. 

Work Permit 

To obtain the work permit, an applicant must first have a job offer from an employer based in Ivory Coast who will submit the copies of the prospective employee’s employment contract to Ivory Coast Labour Office (AGEPE). In order to obtain the approval of the Labour Office, the employer must submit four copies of the work contract written on special forms, a medical certificate issued by an accredited physician, and a criminal record report no earlier than three months before residence permit application was made. Other relevant documents that must be presented are: 

  • Copy of passport or birth certificate 
  • Proof of residence, such as electric bill or rent 
  • Two photos 
  • Duty stamp worth 5,000 Francs 
  • Work contract approved by the Ivory Coast Labour Office (AGEPE) 
  • Worker’s certificate filed by the employer 

The fees for approval of the Ivory Coast Labour Office varies, depending on the expatriate’s country of origin, work contract type and position a foreign national is appointed to. Meanwhile, foreign nationals coming from an ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) member nation do not require a residence permit to find employment in Ivory Coast. Fore up to date information about the latest immigration procedures, expats can also go to the nearest Ivory Coast Embassy/Consulate in their home country.