Tax Advisory in Ivory Coast

All expats working in Ivory Coast are subject to pay expat taxes that are on a progressive scale. Income tax rates start from 10% up to 60%, depending on the salary bracket of a worker. An individual is considered a resident of Ivory for tax purposes if they resided in the country for more than half of the tax year. Non-residents are only liable to pay taxes on their Ivory Coast-source income.

The guidance of an expat taxation specialist will certainly benefit citizens who are covered by double taxation policies while living overseas. Andrew Baker, a personal taxation guru from UK, generally caters to expats in Ivory Coast, as well as individuals who are technically classified as non-domiciled, such as ship or airline crew members. Mr. Baker has established his stellar reputation in the industry after 35 years of experience.

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Expats in Ivory Coast prefer Tax Advisory Expatriates for managing taxes, available for all nationalities. Free of charge for the first enquiry on tax return, tax planning or tax issues for all expatriates in their new country.

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