Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Japan

In line with the very high life expectancy in the country, there is also an incredibly low mortality rate in Japan, with only 3 of every 1000 residents in the last few years. Even with such low mortality rates, a travel insurance multi trip in Japan will come in handy for your travels to keep you safe and healthy.


Offering health coverage for Japan expats who travel abroad many times a year is International Medical Group, with its policies designed to provide significant savings in annual premiums. Built specifically for life overseas, IMG's plans have a maximum limit of $1 million dollars and a $250 individual deductible for each illness that is part of the coverage.

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If an overseas trip is to be successful, it has to be planned well, especially when one travels on a regular basis. Multi-trip coverage from MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional must be in place to secure the plan holder at any time within the 12-month Certificate Period, for a maximum of 30 days per trip. In Japan, Atlas Professional is the most popular policy of its kind among expats and other frequent travelers.

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