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Mail Forwarding in Japan

As the 650,000 air carrier departures that leave Japan each year for the rest of the world let suppose, Japan is one of the most dynamic and pro-active mail users in the world. Thanks to his system built and improved in the 70’s, any letter and packages sent through mail forwarding in Japan will reach its destination safely.

Expats often have unattended mail and related utilities in their home countries even when they have made the big move abroad. EarthClassMail is the number one company providing Internet-based mail management services to this population and even to locals for almost ten years today. In Japan and everywhere on the web, EarthClassMail is accessible.

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US Global Mail provides excellent mail and package forwarding services to expatriates in Japan and around the world. The company began as a small neighborhood mailing center for expat families in Houston, Texas before it grew into the avant-garde warehouse space it is today. Through the help of the Internet, the same small-store service is possible for a now global client base.

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