Emergency Numbers in Kazakhstan



Aside from taking health precautions before moving to a country, another preparation expats need to make is gathering all emergency numbers. In Kazakhstan, there are quick response teams tasked to handle emergency situations.

101 is the number to call for fire emergencies, 102 for police and 103 for an ambulance. These numbers may be dialed free from any landline, whether public or private. When using a mobile phone, an expat may dial 112 for all types of emergencies.

In Kazakhstan, there are also area-specific phone numbers that may be dialed. In Aktau, one can call (7292) 50-54-76 for fire, (7292) 53-18-22 for police, (7292) 21-02-03 for emergency maternity admissions, (7292) 60-54-06 for highway patrol police and 8705-8601155, 8701-4195649 or (7292) 42-05-78 for evacuators.

For newly arrived expatriates, keeping these emergency numbers will be vital in a new place where one may not know many people who can help during emergencies. Besides, professional help is the best help to seek when faced with such crucial situations. Kazakhstan's healthcare system is not the best in the world, but for the sake of providing emergency care to those who need it, knowing these numbers can be life-saving. Evacuations can then be easily arranged after first aid has been given.



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