Guide to Dental Care in Kazakhstan



Kazakhstan continues to be a regular destination of various dental missions from around the world, and this has made oral care much healthier and easier for its residents.

While the country has a public healthcare system that theoretically provides coverage for dental services, the scheme has become largely unreliable. For this reason, most expats take out private health insurance in Kazakhstan in order to see a good dentist. Many of these expats also have dental jobs done in other countries since dental clinics are mostly underequipped.

Dental care is particularly a problem in the rural areas, especially for children who have malformed palates. But dental missions in the country have been responsible for most of the people's awareness of the possibilities when they do not practice proper oral care or correct oral deformities.

For most expats, these missions may not be that useful but the presence of free clinics helps to make them feel secure about dental care in the country. It is very important for those moving to the country with children who will benefit from regular visits to the dentist. Of course, expats on international health insurance in Kazakhstan are always at an advantage as they can always choose to have dental treatments outside the country with sufficient coverage.



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