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Ensuring the health and safety of you family and valuables while living abroad should be your number 1 priority. Luckily, there are several options for insurance plans in Kazakhstan in both the local and international insurance sector. The country’s growing economy has given way to improvements in local health and social security policies, and it has encouraged the growth of the insurance industry in the country.whether you are working onshore or offshore, learn more about insurance in Kazakhstan and see how it can help you save and even earn money in the long run.

Getting Insurance

There are several options for insurance plans in Kazakhstan. Foreign employees and their employers are required to make monthly contributions to public health and social services, which will be deducted in their monthly salary. However, most expats in the country choose to negotiate a better insurance package with their expat contracts. This is a better option for expats especially if you are bringing your family with you. International insurance plans give expats more specialised services, and it can give you international coverage.

The presence of international insurance in the country is quite dominant. Some of the biggest names in the global insurance industry such as AIG and Aon offer services in Kazakhstan.

Importance of Insurance

Kazakhstan’s public health and social services are good, but they are still far from the best services in the world and still need a few improvements, which is why having a secure insurance plan for the most important things in your life should be a top priority. Public emergency care can only do so much without you having to shell out a lot of money to get the best care possible, and if the best care in the country isn’t enough, then you would have to spend more money to seek medical care or any other emergency service elsewhere.

With a working international insurance plan, you can put your money to good use by ensuring that your loved ones are always protected, and you won’t even have to risk losing your entire life’s savings. Some insurance policies even offer ways to put your money to good use by investing your premium payments, or offer general services that can cost a lot of money abroad, such as dental care, check-ups, and even roadside assistance. Insurance policies are designed to get you more than what you pay for, all you need to do is find the right insurance that fits your lifestyle abroad.

Local Insurance in Kazakhstan

The local insurance industry in Kazakhstan is big, but it is still overshadowed by the international insurance companies with offices in the country. The local insurance companies offer a regional coverage for Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia as well as parts of Russia. Kazakhinstrakh is the biggest name to come to mind when it comes to local insurance in Kazakhstan. They offer general, life, and medical insurance in the country and with some regional coverage depending on the type of plan you sign up for. 



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