Pet Import Regulations in Kazakhstan



As with any other country, expats may consider moving to, relocating pets to Kazakhstan entails satisfying a few requirements, from documents to identification. However, pet transport rules depend largely on the type of pets to be shipped and their country of origin.

A microchip identification is the only form of identification accepted for all animals. There are certain pets that are banned from entering the country such as pigeons and exotic species. Authorities decide whether or not to put the imported animals in quarantine and for how long based on where they come from. In the pet relocation application, it is necessary to include basic information about the pet's owner and details of the animal such as its name, color, country of origin, quantity and the value at which it was purchased.

For a complete list of documents required, one may inquire from pet relocation services in Kazakhstan. But the most important of these include an import permit that applies to all animals from all countries. Also, the pet has to come with its original passport and a copy of its owner's passport.

To ensure that the animal is free of diseases that may be brought into Kazakhstan, a health certificate that includes the history of all vaccinations of the pet should be issued 1 to 2 months before departure and must be verified by local veterinary authorities in the pet's country of origin 10-15 days prior to the pet's arrival. A list of animal diseases which animals must be cleared of can also be obtained from international pet relocation in Kazakhstan.

The country's pet import rules are fairly simple, and there is no reason for expats to have any trouble bringing their pets with them to Kazakhstan.



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