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The most prestigious accommodations are in the bigger cities of Kazakhstan such as Astana, Almaty and Karaganda with relatively less expensive units in Karaganda. Apartment blocks and houses are common in the cities while separate houses and cottages may be sought in the outskirts at lower prices.

Real estate in Kazakhstan suffered from the global crisis with residential prices plummeting along with commercial rents. Landlords compete for tenants. With prices so low, the property market is looking very appealing again. Demand for small apartments is higher than the bigger, elite units and houses. Elevators are not always available so getting units on the lower floors or ground floor might be more convenient. It is best to meet with the landlord and check the place personally, making sure that the environment is acceptable and that everything is in good working condition. Rents as short as one month are allowed and may even be advised for flexibility in case the need to transfer arises.

Listings for available apartments and houses may be found in newspapers or some websites. Real estate agents are also available to assist with the bigger ones specializing in assisting foreigners. The units they recommend are usually more expensive than the average housing for locals, but these places are expected to be nicer and worth the premium.



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