Vaccinations in Kazakhstan



Coming prepared with the right vaccinations and private health insurance in Kazakhstan is a good way to begin a new life as an expat in this country.

Routine vaccines such as polio, MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) and DPT (diphtheria/pertussis/ tetanus) should be obtained by all children traveling to Kazakhstan while adults should have their boosters. Vaccines for Hepatitis A and B will also be helpful for everyone. Hepatitis A is acquired through ingestion of contaminated food and water while hepatitis B may be contracted through sexual contact with the local population and blood-to-blood exchange with an infected person.

Typhoid fever is another water and food-borne disease that one should be vaccinated for. Those who will be staying in rural areas are most at risk, although the disease is also known to occur even in the central areas. For people who will be working closely with animals, rabies vaccination goes a long way in terms of protection. Even children may be at risk when they get bitten by animals and never tell their parents.

Whether one travels alone or with the family to Kazakhstan, a visit to a travel doctor will be beneficial. This professional will be able to recommend the right vaccinations as well as the right time to give them. A travel health specialist will also be able to properly educate expatriates-to-be about other health precautions that may be necessary, including taking out the right international health insurance in Kazakhstan.