Visiting the Doctor in Kazakhstan



When Kazakhstan was still a Soviet country, it had one of the world’s best public health insurance systems in the world. Today, this system is not the best, but it is what Kazakhs are comfortable with.

Basic health services are still free as provided by the government, but the quality is not that good. A typical public hospital in Kazakhstan is inefficiently manned and underequipped, both in terms of technology and human resources. Hence, people sometimes have to be evacuated to another country in order to obtain quality health care.

Many expatriates take out private health insurance Kazakhstan to supplement their public insurance coverage. The patient pays the doctor in cash and reimbursements may be filed with the government or the private insurer. Language can be a serious issue when seeking medical help. There are not too many English-speaking doctors in Kazakhstan. Hence, given the extreme importance of effective communication between doctor and patient, it is wise for expats to search online for doctors who speak English. Or foreigners may also call their embassy for information.

Although Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, most of its people live in the outlying areas due to the high cost of living in the central regions of the country. Ironically, the better hospitals will be found in the central areas such as Almaty. For expats who want additional protection for themselves and their families, international health insurance in Kazakhstan will offer very useful options, such as evacuation to another country when local facilities and equipment are not enough.