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Pet Relocation in Kazakhstan

For expats who wish to move to Kazakhstan and bring their pets with them, it is best to talkfirst with the building or apartment manager where they will be residing to know if pets are allowed in the premises. Essential documents required for pet relocation to Kazakhstan include an import permit, veterinarian health certificate which contains history of vaccinations, documents verified by local agent Customs Division and local veterinary authorities (minimum of 10-15 days prior to animal’s arrival to Kazakhstan), original passport of the pet, ticket of the owner and border stamp in the passport, copy of owner’s passport, and shipping document indicating transportation costs. It must also be noted that pigeons are not allowed entry into Kazakhstan.

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Move One Relocations (ALA) Almaty

Almaty, 050010 Business Center
"Pioneer-2" Dostyk Avenue 134, Office # 413
Republic of Kazakhstan

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Intermovex Almaty

Almaty branch, 64 Fizuli Str.,
050054 Almaty, Kazakhstan

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