Guide to Dental Care in Kuwait



Getting pearly white teeth and maintaining a flashy smile won’t be a problem for expats moving to Kuwait since the country has an impressive list of both private and government facilities that are known for providing excellent dental services. 

Dental clinics in Kuwait are considered at par with those in Western Europe and the United States when it comes to facilities or equipment. Expats will soon notice that a majority of the doctors/staff are from other countries such as Russia, Scandinavia or Britain who came to Kuwait because of attractive financial benefits. Also, the country has a high ratio of doctors to patients even if an expat doesn’t have international health insurance, he/she can still get free or subsidised service from the public dental clinics. 

Dental clinics 

As mentioned above, a majority of dentists and orthodontists in Kuwait are from abroad. Expats can start looking for a dentist by calling some of the foreign embassies since they usually list down the names of all their citizens who are practising dentistry in Kuwait.

Dentists advertise also their clinics in different supports:

  • Yellow pages
  • Tourist guides
  • Expatriates magazines 

But the most efficient way of finding the best clinic or doctor is by word of mouth. Foreign assignees can ask their colleagues or friends if they have any suggested dentists because it is for sure that they won't refer someone where they had an unpleasant experience. 

Currently, there are 17 dental implants clinics , six public and several private dental facilities across the country. 

A huge number of dentists in Kuwait have their respective work rooms and technicians that produce prosthetics, bridges, and crowns.

Public clinics also offer services such as:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Scaling
  • Cleaning
  • Root canal 

Dental Cost 

The cost of dental service in Kuwait varies depending on which clinic a patient will go to. For example, expats can consider going to Bayan Dental, the leading oral surgery and dental centre in Kuwait that was established in 2005 and run by the Al Razzi Holding Company. Private centres are more costly, and it's best that expats have health insurance to ease the cost of the service. 

The average professional fee of a private dentist in Kuwait: €35 to €50

Clinic hours: Usually from 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm between Saturdays to Thursdays.


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