Expat Insurance Services in Kuwait

Kuwait currently has a public health insurance program for its own citizens, and foreigners living in Kuwait are also eligible. Those visiting as tourists need to obtain travel insurance for medical treatment. There is a good quality of health care in Kuwait with many public and private hospitals and medical facilities and short waiting times. Many doctors in Kuwait are from the West, or from Egypt, India or Pakistan. Some of them will make house calls for an additional surcharge. However, Kuwaitis who can afford it often travel outside of Kuwait to other countries for more specialized medical treatment.


There are a number of private health insurers in Kuwait offering comprehensive medical coverage for only about 50 US dollars a month, but many of their policies have limits to what they will cover, for example, most do not apply to pre existing conditions. Dental insurance in Kuwait is far more expensive. Those with private health insurance can make doctors' appointments much faster and can switch doctors more easily than those relying on the Kuwaiti public health system who usually have to wait one to three days for a doctor's appointment. Insurance will also pay claims on prescription medicines but it is important to get the receipt

Health Insurance in Kuwait

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Business Health Insurance in Kuwait

Compare international health insurance plans to serve the needs of your employees working or traveling outside their home country. Apply online or receive free quotes.

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Life Insurance in Kuwait

Peace of mind while living overseas. We help you find the cheapest and best policy for your needs.

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Car Insurance in Kuwait

Get a free car insurance quote for the best coverage in your destination country. Find hassle-free policies written in english that adjusts to the local requirements.

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Property Insurance in Kuwait

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Home Insurance in Kuwait

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Kuwait

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Kuwait

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