Essential Employment Paperwork in Latvia



Latvia is a part of the Schengen Agreement and a member of the European Union. Foreign nationals coming from the EU, EEA, EFTA and the Schengen area are allowed to live and seek employment in this country without having to obtain a work permit. 

Expats coming from the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel and Switzerland are allowed to request for a residence permit (for the purpose of employment) upon their arrival in Latvia. All other foreign nationals, on the other hand, are required to secure a work visa/permit before entering the country. Though we will provide some guidelines on how to obtain the necessary employment documents, it is still best for expats to contact the Latvian Embassy/Consulate for up to date immigration procedures. 

Work Permit 

Expats who are signing an employment contract and whose job will require them to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days are all required to obtain a work permit from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA). It is the responsibility of the employer to submit an application to the OCMA and send the employee the approved invitation letter. An expat may only qualify for a Latvian work permit if he/she has met several conditions such as: 

  • The applicant must provide the original employment contract during the application
  • The contract must be issued by a registered business in Latvia
  • The contract must include a ‘residential permit’. 

Residence Permit (Type D-Visa)

This type of permit allows a foreign national to stay or work in Latvia for more than 90 days in a half-year period. Expats can apply for it at the Latvian Embassy/Consulate in their home country by bringing the OCMA approved invitation letter and work permit. Other relevant documents that must be presented during the application are: 

  • Valid Passport
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Medical certificate
  • Employment Contract from a Latvian Employer
  • Proof of visa application fee payment