Cost of Living in Lithuania



Aside from the growing economy, stunning architecture and vast natural beauty, Lithuania also boasts an affordable cost of living. Expats moving to this European gem will be able to save for their future while enjoying the fruits of their labour.

The cost of living in Lithuania is relatively lower compared to other European states. For example, an expat from Germany would spend 70% to 100% less in Lithuania, making the country a cheap destination. Healthcare in Lithuania also is one of the most affordable in Europe and expats will find medical services more than 150% cheaper than in Germany. Lithuania, by far, is also the most affordable in the Baltic region whereas the price level can be closely associated with those in Latin America. Aside from cheaper goods and services, Lithuania has the lowest tax rate in the EU at 15% for both individuals and corporations.

Rental and Utilities Costs

Housing is undoubtedly one of the top priorities of expats moving abroad. In Lithuania, a person normally shells out around 20.10% of his income on the monthly rent, excluding the cost of utilities. Vilnius is the capital of this country and where most expats live but like all metropolises, rentals in this central city can be quite pricey. Expats can choose from new or renovated apartments or from old ones which are a lot cheaper. Young or single foreign assignees can also consider flat-sharing or renting out a multiple-bed apartment where they can split the rental fee with their fellow tenants.

  • One bedroom apartment (city centre) - €400
  • One bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) - €250
  • Two bedroom apartment in Vilnius - €450
  • Three bedroom apartment (city centre) - €700
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) – €400

As mentioned above, utilities are not covered by the rental fee. Expats in Lithuania should best prepare at least €150-€200 for their monthly consumption of water, electricity and heating. Internet connection in this country with a speed of 10mbps costs roughly €10 per month while local mobile prepaid calls are €0.11 per minute, depending on the provider.

Cost of Food

Food or goods purchased in the market accounts to nearly 30% of an individual’s income. Generally speaking, the cost of groceries in Lithuania around 30% cheaper than in the United States and 21.7% lower than the household costs in the United Kingdom. Expats will find many large shopping malls and supermarkets in this country including Norfa and AibÄ— where they will find affordable local and international products. Those who want to maximise their monthly food budget might as well shop at the outdoor marketplaces where they can haggle and the prices 10%-30% cheaper than in the major grocers.

  • One litre of milk - €0.81
  • A dozen eggs - €1.55
  • Loaf of fresh bread - €0.95
  • One kilo of local cheese - €6.60
  • One kilo of boneless chicken breasts - €4.50
  • One kilo of apples - €1.00
  • One kilo of oranges - €1.50
  • One kilo of onions – €0.40
  • One kilo of potatoes – €0.40
  • One kilo of tomatoes - €1.60
  • One head of lettuce - €1.05
  • One kilo of white rice - €1.60

Cost of Daily Transportation

Lithuanian roads are regarded as some of the best and well maintained in Eastern Europe that’s why expats will enjoy driving here considering that the cost of gas is also inexpensive. The primary and most affordable mode of urban transportation in this country is the bus. Expats are advised to buy e-tickets from the Lietuvos spauda (news kiosk) which are cheaper than the single-use paper tickets that can be purchased from the driver. There are also several discounts for the holders of European ISIC and Lithuanian student card. Taxis in this country are reasonably priced and those who want to ride a cab should order over the phone from a reputable company where the rate is less expensive.

  • One way ticket - €1.00
  • Monthly pass - €30.00
  • Taxi flag down rate - €0.60
  • Taxi one kilometre rate - €0.60
  • One litre of gasoline – €1.07 to €1.10


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