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Lithuania has seen a lot of growth and economic progress over the past few years, and as such, there are also several options for expats who wish to move in this country in terms of insurance and protection of their property and loved ones. The Baltic tiger as it is now known offers a reputable public insurance and social service scheme for residents including foreign employees. To learn more about how to properly protect the most important things in your life while living in Lithuania, read about how to get the proper insurance policies, their importance and what they can do for you abroad.

Getting Insurance

The insurance industry in Lithuania is growing strong and powerful with emerging local prominence and the presence of big international insurance companies setting up office in the country. Getting insurance in this country will not be difficult, it will simply be a matter of preference and the type of insurance you would need. Foreign employees are obliged to contribute for health and social security insurance that can be accessed through public health and social services.

The contributions will be paid by both the employee and employer through a monthly salary deduction. This type of coverage, however, can be very limited, as they don’t necessarily give you coverage for you dependents and your property. It is best to discuss employment and health insurance with your company before you take the assignment and negotiate its inclusion in your expat contract. If you can get your company to arrange international insurance, then you can possibly gain better benefits and services that are specialised for expats needs.

International insurance companies such as Aviva, ERGO, and Lloyds offer services for expats in Lithuania, and they are also mostly preferred by current expats in the country for the convenience and special services they offer that fits the expat lifestyle abroad.

Importance of Insurance

Standardised public health and social services is relatively new in Lithuania, and as such there are several rooms for improvement in their facilities and services. A private insurance plan is the best way to insure the safety and protection of your loved ones, your valuables, and more so your life. There are several benefits to having an insurance policy for the most important things in your life, but as an expat, you stand to gain more advantage by getting an international insurance plan simply for the additional service and benefits they provide for expats abroad such as medical evacuation and repatriation, and other more generic services like access to your medical records no matter where you are or membership to roadside assistance no matter where you are. By getting insurance you are signing up for better care and service options, as well as general services and investment plans well suited for the expat life abroad.

Local Insurance in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Insurers Association help regulate insurance companies and policies in the country. If you would like to get local insurance coverage in the country, one of the things you should check is their membership to this association.

The local insurance industry in the country is growing, though it is still facing a lot of international competition especially in the region. Expats in the country prefer to sign up with international insurance companies for the wider range of coverage worldwide, specialised expat services and benefits, and simply just for the lack of hassle in cancelling and transferring accounts when you move countries again.


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