Tax Advisory in Lithuania

One of the goals of State Inspection in Lithuania recently was to implement the new legal framework for the taxation of expatriates in Lithuania. So far tax law commentaries did not precise the applicability of personal income tax to persons working outside Lithuania, however having the labor relations in Lithuania.

Expats have the common misconception that they need to pay taxes in two countries, but this not always true. Countries around the globe have inked tax treaties with other countries to prevent double taxation. Providing guidance on this issue and another expat tax-related matters in Lithuania and worldwide is veteran UK-based tax specialist, Andrew Baker.

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Tax advisory Expatriates serves as the guide and help of expats in Lithuania and all over the world. It does the tax withholding, filing and paying for you. They have a team of tax experts that is constantly updating themselves about tax law or requirement changes. The team makes sure that you aren’t missing or losing when it comes to your taxes.

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