Activities for Kids in Luxembourg



Expats moving to Luxembourg with their entire families need not worry about the kids’ education nor enjoyment; there are many opportunities for both in this progressive country.

Providing world-class curricula and multilingual environments are international schools in Luxembourg where children can feel comfortable with their studies while adjusting to their new lives as expats. The International School of Luxembourg and St. George's International School are two prestigious global institutions in the country that have addressed expat kids' educational requirements over the years.

Recreation is an important part of children's development and this they can get a lot of in Luxembourg as well. They can marvel at wild animals at the Animal Park which can be found along the Messancy River of the Ardennes region or learn a thing or two about art, geology, history and archeology at the National Museum of History and Arts.  

Kids who like horses can ride on them, too. In this country, horseback-riding is a very popular activity. Luxembourg is also a great place for children to explore natural thrills such as walking or hiking in any of its parks that have good, smooth paths.

Whether they're attending an international or independent school in Luxembourg or pumping adrenaline while suspended in the air in a rollercoaster, children in this country will find a never-ending room for fun, education, growth and achievement.

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