Allergies in Luxembourg



Moving to Luxembourg is an attractive prospect for many foreigners around the world.

And part of preparing for this move is considering the country's health situation, including allergies that can cause extreme inconvenience and sometimes even more serious medical conditions. For this, the country has a public insurance system that residents can count on, but taking out a private health insurance in Luxembourg will be a good idea for those who want extra coverage.

Luxembourg is a country found in Europe and is, therefore, affected by most weather-related allergies in the region. Pollen is what gives rise to most of these allergies and while it's in the air throughout the year, pollen peaks just after summer and into the spring season. Expats can take a lot of precautions against pollen allergies including wearing surgical masks when going out of the house. They can even seal their windows with duct tape to prevent the entry of these allergens.

Food can also pose allergies, especially two fish species from Africa and Asia, which have recently entered the Luxembourg market. Pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus) and Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) have provided cheap alternatives to expensive locally grown fish. When it comes to food allergies, the best precaution to take is simply to avoid the food. By being extra conscious about food labels and menus served in restaurants, one can significantly provide protections for himself.

Still, nothing works better than professional medical advice. It is best to consult a travel health specialist who will be able to provide complete information about allergies in Luxembourg and the proper precautions that could be taken. The country offers a highly efficient public insurance system that benefits all legally documented expatriates. For additional protection, an expat may also take out international health insurance in Luxembourg.